[ Coupon Wizard Introduction]



About Coupon Wizard

Coupon Wizard is a Google Sheets add-on in Google Drive. It's very easy to install this add-on. Just clicking "Add-ons > Get Add-ons" to open up the Chrome Web Store from any Google Sheet files. Find the add-on name on the Productivity category from the web store. Then clicking the FREE button to start the installation.

After installing this add-on, you can create coupon numbers and codes by clicking "Add-ons > Coupon Wizard > Code Generator" to get started.


License Policy

This add-on provides a half year (6 months) free trial peroid upon installing. You can use it on all the Google Sheets files on the period. When the trial license has expired, please extend the license by PayPal Email Payment to "norman704@gmail.com".

The annual (yearly) fee for this add-on is $20 USD. Upon receiving the payment notification from PayPal with email address of your Goole account (the email when installed this add-on), we 'll upgrade the valid date right away and send you a email notice. You can then re-enter add-on to check out if the extended date is updated.


About Us

We are a print e-commerce company by developing our own Web-to-print (also known as Web2Print) solutions since 2006. We focus on the variable data printing (VDP for short) and digit printing in our businesses. Under such circumstances, Coupon Wizard was first developed as an addin for Microsft Office Excel since 2010/7 (totally free) and then as add-on for Google Sheets now (2014/10). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.